Jewish Violinists, vol.2 – Edition 2


Klezmer Resource Tape

Jewish Violinists, vol. 2 – Edition 2, revised March, 2003
60 minutes

Solo fiddlers accompanied by either tsimbl or piano, except the last selection by M. I. Rabinovich (with orchestra and stage actors).


Leon Ahl

Kol Nidrey,” “Mimkomokh Malkenu,” and “Doina, ca 1910-1914

H. Steiner
Haneros haluli,” “Mizmor Shir Khanike,” and “Potpourri of Jewish Melodies, ca 1910-1914

Anonymous  “Doina, Mazltov, and Honga”, “Dem Rebns Tants
– from an unlabeled test pressing, ca 1913

Jacob Gegna (Gegner)
“Taxim,” and “A Tfileh fun Mandel Beilis”,  1921

Abe Schwartz
“National Hora” , “Rumanian Doina,” and “Oriental Hora”
– recorded in New York, 1920, with Sylvia Schwartz, piano.

M. I Rabinovich
Bazetsn di Kale” parts 1 and 2 – recorded in Kiev, 1938

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