Early Dave Tarras and Shloimke Beckerman


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Early Dave Tarras and Shloimke Beckerman
90 minutes

Two of the finest klezmer clarinet virtuosos.

The 12 recordings of Dave Tarras (from 1925-28, his earliest recordings as soloist) are remarkable – very different from his more ‘Americanized’ style and repertoire of the 40’s and later!


Dave Tarras:
1925: Dem Trisker Rebns Khosid, Sha, Sha Di Shviger Kumt, Bulgar, Dem Monastrisher Rebens Khosid’l
1926: Dovid’l Basetzt Di Kale, Mayn Tayer Odesa, Nisht Gezorgt, Nor Gelebt Nor gelakht
1927: A Rumenisher Nigun, A Rumenishe Doina

Shloimke Beckerman:
1923: Trinkt Briderlakh Lekhayim, Tants-a-Freylikhs, Ot Azoy, Yismekhu, T’kias, A Galitsianer Tentsl
1924: Ayropeyishe Komarinska, Siz Freylakh Bay Yidn

Unknown date and ensemble: Ukrainian Potpurri, Russian Dances

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