Duo Controverso – Gedanken


Gedanken – Thoughts

Fantasies, Meditations & Improvisations

These Gedanken (thoughts) are improvised musical explorations; a melody played as if being discovered for the first time, slowly revealing itself, sometimes exploding to fill our thoughts … an invitation to pause, take a deep breath and enjoy music of ecstatic energy and quiet intensity in an otherwise loud and hurried world.

Duo Controverso has created these new pieces from traditional East European Jewish music. Gedanken & fantasies were virtuosic, often improvisational, instrumental pieces performed for listening.

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Kurt Bjorling   clarinet, basset-horn
Annette Bjorling  –  harp

Track List:

Gedanken  –  Thoughts

  1. I  Skotshne Meditation [3:31]
  2. II Prayer   (based on Misratze B’rachamim by Josef Rosenblatt) [6:02]

Romanian Fantasies

  1. I  Zhok Fantasy [4:17]
  2. II Longa Fantasy [3:35]

Zhok a Bisl

  1. I  Moldavian Zhok [2:12]
  2. II Romanian Dance [2:42]
  3. Improvisations on an Oriental Melody  [7:17]

Rumeynishe Shtikelekh

  1.  I  Hora [5:13]
  2.  II Sirbas [6:09]
  3. Hassidic Melody – Fantasy [6:48]

Hoffmans Hofenungen

  1. I   Mazltov   (by Josef Hoffman) [3:40]
  2. II  A Zise Dudkele [3:42]
  3. III Freylekhs [2:06]
  1.  Before the Snow Fell   (by  K. Bjorling)         [5:26]

All pieces traditional, unless otherwise noted; arranged by Annette & Kurt Bjorling. [total time: 1:03:07]

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