Belf’s Romanian Orchestra Vol. 1


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Belf’s Romanian Orchestra Vol. 1
REVISED and EXPANDED 2nd Edition, May 2003
60 minutes

The ‘Belf’s Romanian Orchestra’ is a quartet consisting of clarinet, two violins, and piano. They recorded at least 60 pieces for the Syrena record company from 1912-14.

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Volume 1 contains their first 20 Syrena sides, COMPLETE, all of which were originally released in 1912.
The NEW pieces are: “Moldavanskaya Dudochka,” “Bolgarskaya,” “Chaban,” “Zhok,” “Rumynski Zhok,” “Rumynski Motiv” and “Bessarabski Freilekhs.”

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To hear a sample track (Belf’s Romanian Orchestra: Khosidl 1912) click below: