Harpist Annette Bjorling

… not only “World’s First & Only Klezmer Harpist”, Annette plays for many occasions and music styles. Romantic wedding music, exciting dance rhythms,…
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Clarinetist Kurt Bjorling

… who also performs on basset horn, bass clarinet, tsimbl, saxophone, and accordion, is noted for a penetrating understanding of klezmer music …

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Chicago Klezmer Ensemble, Duo Controverso

… and other ensembles & performance projects with Annette & Kurt …
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Private Music Lessons & Workshops

Annette teaches harp lessons for any level, any age, and (m)any styles, …Kurt teaches clarinet, tsimbl, saxophone, accordion, …Both coach musicians in various styles of music, especially klezmer – on any instrument…

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Upcoming Performances

… with Annette & Kurt, any of our ensembles, collaborations & projects, are listed here …

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One of our specialties and great loves is klezmer music.
Find out more about: Chicago Klezmer Ensemble, Klezmer Harp
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Nerdist Harpist – Music & More Fandoms

As an avid fangirl of Doctor Who, Minister of Chance and other areas of Sci-fi/Fantasy, Mystery and Pop-Culture, Annette performs thematic music at conventions and fan gatherings.
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Welcome to muziker.org
– the web portal to the various interweaving strands of music & more of Annette & Kurt Bjorling.

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